Mission statement

Careful handling of personal data contributes to quality of life of me, you, your partner, parents. Nobody wants to go through life under permanent surveillance/unnecessary interventions by third parties. Super important, because privacy is how we develop ourselves best, feel safe and interact freely with our friends, family, work, business and the government.

Caregivers need to be able to provide good care effectively, preferably with data from the entire healthcare chain, whilst maintaining professional secrecy and patient privacy. And they can! We don’t need all the data to provide good care. In fact: fewer data, better results! Current exchange systems are not well designed, not effective and not secure enough. This is because they exchange a lot of data without specific focus and the exchange is based on an administrative number. That means that there is no direct link to the patient and the specific situation. Potential for error

Every organization should respect our free space, especially in a world with terrabytes of sensitive data. My PbD-ed information strategy means: No search(ing) but obtaining the right data required for a specific situation. Reliably unlocked by biometrics.

Exchanging personal data based on this strategy should become the global standard. Starting in emergency care, but also beyond.

I invite you to participate in my Alliance. Let’s work together for better solutions, respecting the autonomy of all people and with better results in emergency care.

About Privacy1

healthcare, government and education. The IT lawyers of Privacy1 belief that primary processes, but certainly innovation, need not be hindered by compliance with privacy standards, In fact, organization benefits from it. Privacy1 has developed several practical models where organizations can quickly understand the level of compliance and what actions still need to be performed.

About Marie-José Bonthuis

Marie-José Bonthuis, the CEO of Privacy1, is expert in large scale processing of personal data in chains. She has developed a solution for emergency care that is also more widely applicable. She is a PhD student on this item. Marie-José’s mission is to roll out this alternative method of data exchange, which is more effective, worldwide, starting in the Netherlands and California.